The City of Pointe-Claire has announced that the City is a finalist in the Union des municipalités du Québec 2020 Mérite Ovation municipal contest. The nomination is in recognition of its new staff assignment process in Public Works.

“This recognition highlights the level of excellence of a committed team within the Public Works Department, which has reviewed, simplified and automated a complex process and generated a productivity gain of 2,500 hours per year, improving the performance of 120 employees. The new process has also led to the creation of exportable software for real-time operations management,” Mayor Belvedere said.

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In three years, the mechanical shop has been optimized, management tools have been revised and paper has been eliminated. A shared database on the 165-vehicle fleet and a dashboard on snow removal progress have been developed, leading to the creation of new software coupled with a new morning assignment strategy for the 90 blue-collar workers.

All the staff was involved—the director, coordinators, supervisors and blue-collar workers—to identify issues, resolve them and meet challenges. The automation of a first process and training results for a first manager sparked everyone’s interest, including that of the Inspection – Public Security Department and the IT team, inspiring them to become more involved in improving procedures and modernizing Public Works.

“This new assignment process helps to promote staff retention, develop the municipal administration and improve the delivery of services to the community. I would like to acknowledge the Public Works teams, whose process improvement efforts have garnered praise for the City and the project throughout Québec,” Mr. Belvedere said.

The Mérite Ovation municipale awards are given every year to municipalities that have distinguished themselves by a project, a program, or achievements that improve services to the community. The most deserving projects will be awarded at the UMQ annual conference in May.

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