Pointe-Claire Residents Highly Satisfied With Municipal Services


The City of Pointe-Caire is proud of the results of a recent telephone survey showing residents’ satisfaction with municipal services – results that are consistent with the vision adopted in the 2015–2019 Strategic Plan.

 “The figures speak for themselves: 98% of the respondents say the quality of life in Pointe-Claire is good and 92% of respondents say they enjoy the quality of our municipal services, regardless of their district of residence or age,” says Mayor Trudeau.

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 “Our Strategic Plan was conceived to ensure our City’s development and to help make PointeClaire a progressive, harmonious and open community,” states the mayor. “To find out how successful we are in carrying it out, this past winter we commissioned an independent professional firm to conduct a telephone survey of 1,000 residents to find out how satisfied they are with our municipal services.”

 Pointe-Claire residents gave the City’s Recreation and Culture services an 84% satisfaction rating, which includes an 89% rating for the Library, 87% for recreational and sports activities, 85% for parks and green spaces and 84% for the facilities associated with these activities.

 Public Works services received equally high satisfaction ratings, with 86% for organic waste collection and 85% for recyclable materials collection. Snow removal on the streets and sidewalks also stood out with a 75% satisfaction rating, which is 5% higher than the survey firm’s benchmark for this same type of service in comparable cities.

 Ninety-one percent of Pointe-Claire residents who contacted City departments over the past year – whether by phone, by email or in person – said they were satisfied with their experience.

 The survey also reveals that 92% of residents are interested in what goes on their city, 81% feel their municipality is a lot like them and 89% would recommend living here.

“These exceptional results confirm our commitment to promoting our City’s strengths and assets through activities, services and our various means of communication,” adds the mayor.

 “These statistics also show your commitment to your community and confirm that our Strategic Plan is producing outstanding results, meeting expectations and supporting our current approaches,” concludes Mayor Trudeau. “The survey helps us ensure that our City’s organizational framework is dynamic, closer than ever to the community and respectful of the environment, for people today as well as future generations.”.

Results of survey on community satisfaction with regards to City services