PME MTL West-Island offering Financial Assistance for Local Businesses


In April, the Government of Quebec has created, for a limited time, the Emergency Assistance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses financial program to support eligible businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This new fund comes in the form of a loan, up to a maximum of $50,000 and aims to alleviate cash-flow-related challenges.

PME MTL West Island is responsible for managing applications on its territory. For those who have never heard of PME MTL before, it is a network of highly skilled experts who are committed to ensure the success of all business ventures, be they for profit or part of the social economy.

Though the pandemic has not changed the organization’s mission, it has put PME MTL West Island on the front line, in particular through its interventions as part of the emergency funds, in order to best support SMEs so that retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, professional services alike can take full advantage of the economic recovery when the time is right.

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Within the last weeks, many applications were submitted, but more needs to be done to make sure that businesses in need of financial assistance are aware that such funds exist. If you know of business owners or businesses that could benefit from this program, please share this important information with them. Supporting our local businesses is also about making sure that they have the financial means to get through these difficult times and to successfully relaunch!

Applying for this program is easy: the PME MTL website now allows SMEs to submit their Emergency Assistance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses applications through its online platform. Once all the required documents are uploaded and the “submit” button clicked, the experts get notified right away and start analyzing the files.

For further information, For further information, please contact PME MTL West-Island 514-426-2888 or refer directly to its website.