PlanB Predicts Bitcoin to Eclipse Gold, Targets $600K Price


In a striking prognostication, esteemed Bitcoin analyst PlanB has unveiled an audacious price target for the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency in relation to the oldest store of value: gold. With his acclaimed stock-to-flow model, PlanB presents a future where Bitcoin’s value soars to previously uncharted heights.

Currently, the dazzling digital asset, Bitcoin, is priced at the equivalent of 26 ounces of the illustrious yellow metal, considering gold’s valuation at $2,000 per ounce. Such an equivalency, as novel as it is intriguing, lays the groundwork for PlanB’s vision of Bitcoin’s ascent.

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Expounding on this comparison, PlanB forecasts that by the fiscal crossroads of 2024-2025, the worth of a single Bitcoin could rise to an extraordinary valuation equal to 100 ounces of gold. This estimate puts the conversion in familiar monetary terms to about $200,000.

Yet, this figure is merely a stepping stone to a far more grandiose summit. PlanB extends the progression even further, speculating a surge that would eventually reach a towering equivalence of 300 gold ounces by the year 2025. Should this prediction manifest, Bitcoin would be boasting an astonishing fiat price target of $600,000, marking a historic pinnacle in its valiant voyage.

As the cryptocurrency sector thrives, the ensuing bullish fervor has catapulted Bitcoin into the $1 trillion market cap arena. In tandem with a 20% price surge, the trading volume for Bitcoin has remained robust, eclipsing $20 billion in just the past week.

The potential for Bitcoin has never seemed more tangible. Real-world movements of funds lend credence to this optimism, as a notable transaction tracked by Whale Alert showcased a colossal withdrawal of nearly $962.15 million worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase to an anonymous location, underscoring the rising appetites for this digital asset.

Parallel to the investor enthusiasm is a notable spike in open interest for Bitcoin futures and options. The figure has now eclipsed $24 billion, a 50% swell since the dawn of the new year, reflecting an energetic market engagement not seen since Bitcoin’s climactic surge in November 2021, when it soared to an all-time zenith of $69,000.

This demonstration of confidence in Bitcoin’s future and its burgeoning trade volumes spans various cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Leading the pack in open interest, the likes of CME, Binance, and ByBit, collectively account for over half of the global market share, as chronicled by the analytics from Coinglass.

PlanB’s forecast, imbued with a wealth of financial acumen, imbues the economic dialogue with a revolutionary perspective: a cryptocurrency at the cusp of transcending traditional gold valuation. As Bitcoin continues its volatile voyage, so does the world watch with bated breath.