PlanB Asserts Bitcoin Won’t Fall Below $35K Mark


In a statement that has sent ripples throughout the cryptocurrency sector, the originator of the often-debated Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, PlanB, laid out a strikingly optimistic forecast for Bitcoin (BTC). Known for his provocative insights, PlanB took to his social media to declare that Bitcoin’s valuation is destined to hold steady above the $35,000 mark indefinitely.

Central to his argument is a chart that aligns Bitcoin’s price trajectory with its hash rate – the horsepower of mining machinery churning through complex calculations to earn Bitcoin. The insistence is that this key metric, tethered closely to the cost of electricity expended in producing a single Bitcoin, assures the coin’s baseline value.

While PlanB concedes that unforeseen events or temporary market tumult could affect the digital currency, he stands firm on his belief that foundational elements, such as the operational costs faced by miners, will prevent the coin’s value from slipping beneath $35,000.

An intricate balance of power between miners and the market forms the bedrock of PlanB’s perspective. Miners funnel substantial resources into electricity to solve the cryptographic puzzles that yield Bitcoin. In contrast, ordinary individuals typically purchase the currency on exchanges with traditional money. This interplay forms a vibrant economic space where bitcoin’s perceived value fluctuates.

PlanB further pontificates that the interplay could evolve with the rumored introduction of a spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in the United States. Such a development could usher Bitcoin into a new era of widespread acceptance, potentially entrenching its valuation floor.

Diving into the minutiae of Bitcoin’s mechanics, the hash rate stands as an emblem of the network’s health, representing the collective computational might dedicated to maintaining the blockchain’s integrity. A burgeoning hash rate equates to heightened security and network performance, emboldening investors’ trust and enhancing Bitcoin’s market price.

With these insights, PlanB projects that as the hash rate escalates, propelled by technological progress and burgeoning mining operations, Bitcoin’s valuation should follow, reinforcing his bold stance against a sub-$35,000 valuation.

At present, the Bitcoin market appears to corroborate PlanB’s thesis. Trading figures show the currency prevailing above the $37,000 threshold, marking a rise from the level PlanB has dubbed the unbreachable floor. The most recent trading data reflects a Bitcoin value at $37,605, indicating a modest uptick by 2% within a day’s trade.

As the financial landscape adapts to these intriguing developments in the world of cryptocurrency, the steady valorization of Bitcoin is an arresting narrative for keen observers and market participants alike.


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