A place of Joy, Love and Hope Amcal Family Services


For close to 40 years, AMCAL FAMILY SERVICES has been supporting West-Island families. We have seen firsthand, in many instances, what an engaged community the West Island is. This is a community where there exists strong collaboration between a wide network of partners, donors, volunteers – generous individuals and companies who understand the importance of sharing.

Joy, Love,Hope, AMCAL FAMILY SERVICES, Greetings, West Island Blog, Rhonda Massad, Community, Family, Children, Healthy Families A great example of this is the annual Holiday Party organized by AMCAL FAMILY SERVICES for the families who are part of our Supervised Visitation Program.  AMCAL’s Supervised Visitation Program enables parents who’ve lost custody of their children to spend time with their kids in a safe and neutral setting. For the most part, these families weren’t dealt a good hand. These children live with foster families or in group homes. Siblings are often separated. No matter the situation, family ties remain important. Thanks to the support and generosity of individuals and local businesses, the Holiday Party, held December 3rd, was a huge success! Close to thirty families were brought together for a special holiday celebration complete with good food, activities and even Santa Claus who distributed a personalized gift to each child.

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 Whether it be by providing tools to teens and parents, facilitating family relationships, or supporting vulnerable families and children, AMCAL FAMILY SERVICES strives to strengthen the community through healthy families. It is a privilege to work for this community. To be let into people’s live and to witness positive change. And to be a part of making the world a better place.

 To all, may your holidays be filled with Kindness and Joy.


Sophie Dalbec

Executive Director, AMCAL