PKD Foundation of Canada “Music Heals” Benefit Concert


On behalf of the PKD Foundation of Canada-Montreal Chapter, I’d like to announce our upcoming benefit concert “Music Heals”.  This event will help raise awareness and needed funds for research on polycystic kidney disease (PKD).  It is the most common, life-threatening, genetic kidney disease affecting men, women, and children, no matter the geography of their roots. Our fundraising efforts will bring us closer toward a cure for PKD.

The event takes place this Sunday, May 15, at 3 pm, at Centre Leonardo Da Vinci, in Saint Leonard. Talented artists from the Greater Montreal Area will perform a wide variety of musical genres that is sure to appeal to everyone.

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PKD is a genetic hereditary disease affecting over 66,000 Canadians with 16,500 Quebecers at risk.  The word “polycystic” means multiple cysts, therefore, these cysts will gradually compress each kidney, and severely reduce their function leading to dialysis and eventually transplant. I was diagnosed with PKD while investigating a different health issue, and I’m sure there are many others like me who have yet to be diagnosed. Due to this being a hereditary disease, soon after I got diagnosed my dad underwent a simple ultrasound which showed positive with PKD. Both my sons were tested before turning 21, and my youngest was confirmed with having PKD at age 19.

Since the beginning, the Montreal Chapter hosted educational meetings, and guests from the medical field presented the latest findings as well as ways to keep your body fueled with kidney friendly meals.  Dr. Marie Trudel, Quebec’s leading researcher on PKD will be the guest of honour at our benefit concert. Attached herewith, please find the poster invite to this event.


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