Pixelverse Raises $5.5M Funding to Redefine Global Gaming Landscape


With a grand vision to redefine the landscape of global gaming and entertainment, Pixelverse has successfully secured a whopping $5.5 million in its latest round of funding. Kori Leon, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, optimistically anticipates that this funding boost will significantly accelerate the adoption of Web 3 gaming and propel Pixelverse to its destination of becoming a prominent global leader in gaming and entertainment.

Pixelverse, known for its pixelated Player-to-Earner (P2E) game in the blockchain sphere, unveiled on a Tuesday the triumph of its fundraising effort. Solidifying its success were the substantial monetary contributions from renowned Venture Capitalist firms that dominate the Web 3 gaming industry. The frontrunner in the funding initiative was Delphi Ventures. This dynamic funding round also included financial support from a host of other reputable firms like Merit Circle, Bitscale Capital, Mechanism Capital, Ghaf Capital, Big Brain Holdings, LiquidX, and Foresight Ventures.

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Emerging from the landscape of game development and investment community were valuable contributors like Sébastien Borget, the founder of The Sandbox, along with Luca Netz, Dingaling, DCF GOD, Grail, and James Kwon.

The capital influx is earmarked for powering growth within the Pixelverse gaming ecosystem and enhancing the adoption of the game and its entertainment studio concept. These ambitious plans stem from a highly successful first month in operation, marked by the impressive addition of over 15 million new users and a consistent inflow of 5 million daily active users to the platform.

Reflecting on the successful funding, Kori Leon, whose past includes a stint with the Binance Listing team, lauded the unprecedented speed at which Pixelverse has grown, stating, “’Pixelverse is truly a game changer for web3 adoption and it’s incredible to see not only the growth in our userbase but also the deep connections and interactions formed within the community.”

Sharing similar sentiments, Piers Kicks, the Founding Partner of Delphi Ventures, voiced his optimism regarding Pixelverse’s capacity to propel the Web 3 gaming ecosystem. He revealed his excitement at the remarkable potential that Pixelverse holds, and the keen market intuition that the team possesses.

As it nods to its increased capital, Pixelverse is now primed to expand its adoption strategy even further. The company has an audacious target of attracting 100 million Web 2 gamers to its platform in the succeeding years – a feat that, if achieved, promises to turn the Web 3 gaming landscape into a central hub of mainstream entertainment.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Pixelverse additionally declared plans to enhance its Telegram-based mini-game, PixelTap, known for introducing the ingenious concept of Tap-to-Earn. Positioned at the crossroads of GameFi and SocialFi, this innovative game allows users to earn rewards with a mere click of a button.

Lastly, with an air of mystery, Pixelverse disclosed that it has brought on board a globally celebrated art director and world builder, with the intention of revolutionizing its browser-based game. This secret creative genius will steer toward molding a universe teeming with engaging mini-games and immersive storytelling, giving users an elevated gaming experience like never before.