Pitbull Opens Miami Grill Inside Henderson Walmart


In the ever-evolving landscape of Las Vegas cuisine, celebrity restaurants have become as much a staple as the glittering lights and grand casinos that adorn the Strip. Following the trend set by silver screen legends Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and Sylvester Stallone, the entertainment and dining scenes of Vegas continue to merge in glitzy, unexpected ways. Embracing this fusion, Pitbull—rapper and global sensation—is set to unveil his own vibrant eatery, Miami Grill, in the bustling oasis of neon dreams.

This Saturday marks the grand opening of the latest Miami Grill franchise, not nestled amongst the lavish resorts of Las Vegas Boulevard, but in a Walmart within the suburban sprawl of Henderson, Nevada. A humble departure from the glitz of the famed Strip, this location stands as a testament to the city’s diverse culinary landscape, where the glamorous and the everyday coexist side by side.

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Armando Christian Perez, most famously known by his stage name Pitbull, has transformed from musical maestro to entrepreneurial titan, having joined the Miami Grill chain as a financial partner in 2012. His goal is ambitious: to introduce a chain of Miami Grills across Las Vegas, with the Henderson Walmart site being the first of many. The chart-topping “Give Me Everything” artist frequented the original venue in Miami, where he found inspiration for his lyrics amidst its convivial atmosphere and hearty offerings.

Miami Grill promises a menu packed with fast-casual favorites—flame-grilled burgers, crispy chicken wings, savory gyros, and classic cheesesteaks, echoing the vibrant essence of its namesake city. The doors of this new franchise will first swing open to the public on the serene avenue of 2310 E. Serene Ave. A ribbon-cutting ceremony heralds the launch on Friday, with the man himself, Pitbull, slicing through the ceremonial fabric at 10 a.m., ahead of the main celebration on Saturday, from noon to 4 p.m.

The culinary scene of Las Vegas continues its dynamic growth with additional ventures such as Chef Karen LaDeq’s steak and seafood venue, Jazzyblu, making its anticipated debut at the Serene Vegas Boutique Hotel. Meanwhile, Chef Brad Wise will showcase his culinary prowess at Rare Society, a steakhouse set to be a cornerstone of the UnCommons development.

However, not all establishments have flourished under the watchful eye of the Southern Nevada Health District. Taquizas La Bonita and Laos Asia Market Kitchen, venues once bustling with patrons, now find their doors shuttered due to significant health violations, underscoring the constant battle for culinary excellence in a city that never sleeps.

As Las Vegas continues to grow and diversify, it beckons not only to those with a love for high stakes and bright lights but also to those seeking flavors and experiences new and old. From the daring to the traditional, the city’s culinary offerings display an array of treasures, much like the myriad games of chance that line its famed casinos.

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