Pit Bull Puppy Revives from Fentanyl Overdose; Owners Face Animal Cruelty Charges


In an unsettling instance of animal endangerment, a pit bull puppy in California is recuperating after purportedly gaining access to its owners’ dangerous stash of fentanyl. Officials confirmed that an overdose-reversing drug was given to the small dog, bringing it back from the grips of an alarming overdose.

The male and female owners of the puppy were taken into custody when the Irvine Police Department found fentanyl in their possession during a voluntary encounter outside a local Walmart. The potential charges that the couple might face include animal cruelty and possession of drugs.

The woman alerted the police to the puppy’s apparent distress, recognizing it as an overdose due to a previous alarming occurrence. It remains unclear, however, how the puppy had access to such potent narcotics. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid analgesic, is known to be up to 50 times stronger than heroin. A dose as tiny as 2 milligrams could prove lethal to a human. However, reports suggest that dogs might have a slightly higher resistance to its effects.

The couple used their car as a hub for their drug use, which potentially put the dog in harm’s way, according to police conjecture. Once brought to the police station, the puppy was immediately treated with naloxone, an overdose-reversing medication. The drug incited a swift recovery in the puppy, providing it with a much-needed relief.

The identities of the man and woman remain undisclosed. Meanwhile, the pit bull puppy stays under the protective custody of the relevant authorities until a hearing is organized to decide its future. The key question at stake would be whether or not the dog will be given back to its owners who have already proven their irresponsibility harmful for the pet’s wellbeing.


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