Pit Bull Attacks Claim Two Beloved Pets in Bedford Neighbourhood


Unease has overtaken a Bedford neighbourhood after a duo of fatal dog attacks perpetrated on beloved family pets unfolded in two separate incidents in the west side of the city over the past weekend. Residents have gone on record, identifying the animals responsible as pit bulls.

The Halifax Regional Police recount that the first of the two incidents transpired on Saturday afternoon around 1:40 p.m. An intruding dog, alleged to have been nursing pups nearby, undertook an unprovoked assault on another canine who strayed into the backyard in question. Heartbreakingly, the attacked dog succumbed to its injuries. Upon notification, HRM Animal Services took up the reins of the ensuing investigation.

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Unfortunately, the authorities were summoned back to the scene early the following day by 7:35 a.m. The same dog from the day before had now assailed yet another pet strolling with its owner. Tragically, this dog also fell victim to the aggressive encounter and died from the attack. Post this incident, the offending canine was apprehended by HRM Animal Services, who have now taken helm of the ongoing investigation.

Chilling footage of the second attack was recorded by a doorbell camera in the vicinity. The video captures a serene scene suddenly disrupted as a larger dog barrels into view, latching onto a toy poodle named Sunny mid-stroll. The poodle was killed instantly, leaving the owner cradling the lifeless Sunny in his arms.

Eyewitnesses report the first victim as small-breed, Latte. HRM, due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, remains tight-lipped, only confirming that they have taken one dog into custody.

Revived conversations about safety fill the ordinarily placid street, with apprehension evident. One resident lamented the eerie quiet, claiming she doesn’t spy any children playing or dogs being walked, visibly indicative of the fear spreading through the neighbourhood.

The warm remarked vitality of the street was echoed by another local stating how this incident had washed away the usual ease, introducing in its wake an uncomfortable tension amidst the residents.

The families of Sunny and Latte, unable to share their sentiments publicly, are grieving privately. However, a neighbour revealed heartrending details about one family whose young boys lost their cherished pet.

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