Pilot Dies After Chopper Fighting Fire Goes Down In The Evansburg Neighborhood, Alberta


The pilot flying the plane that went down Monday evening as it fought wildfire west of Edmonton is confirmed dead.

His body was recovered from the plane’s wreckage on Monday night, police told local media. He was age 49.

Police would not say where he came from but stated that he was working on a contract basis to fight the fire that was razing the area near Evansburg, Alberta.

The pilot was the only one onboard the aircraft when it went down, police spokesperson, Fraser Logan, informed local media.

Logan noted that the terrain where the craft went down was difficult to access, although witness account help emergency services reach the wreckage.

The police are collaborating with the Transport Safety Board to find out what happened, logan stated.

The TSB will have two investigators on the ground, the agency said via a statement.

The agency said the helicopter was a Bell 212, also commonly referred to as the twin two-twelve. It is a double-blade, medium helicopter that has been in service since the 1960s.

Through a statement, the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry passed a message of condolence to the family, colleagues and friends of the deceased pilot.


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