Piha Beach Drowning Sparks Heroic Rescue Attempt by Off-Duty Lifeguards


In the quiet beach community of Piha, a tragic drowning incident unfolded, sparking a desperate emergency response. The incident occurred just before midday, according to a police statement.

Immediately springing into action were three off-duty surf lifeguards from the local Piha Surf Life Saving Club. Battling 2-meter swells, they deftly deployed an inflatable rescue boat (IRB) in an intentional and urgent bid to save a life, their efforts corroborated by a representative from Surf Life Saving, who respectfully directed any further inquiries to the police.

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One eyewitness, familiar with the beach’s waves as a regular surfer, shared his emotional account of the dramatic ordeal. The sight of rescuers feverishly trying to resuscitate the victim imprinted a lasting memory on his mind, leaving an unsettling effect long after the incident.

His account painted a picture of a crowd gathering at the scene near Mermaid Pool and the Keyhole. Passionate volunteers took turns administering chest compressions to the victim for almost ten minutes. When it was time to return to the main beach, the unfortunate sight in the IRB indicated the casualty within, as attempted resuscitation efforts continued during the journey back.

The frantic rescue scene escalated with the arrival of the Westpac Helicopter, hovering ominously overhead. The IRB and lifeguards redirected their course, swiftly heading to the lifeguard tower where the helicopter was set to land.

Meanwhile, police officers had effectively cordoned off the carpark and main road, managing to isolate the incident and maintain control over the tragic event.