St. George & St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church (STGJ) in Pierrefonds, got vandalized by graffiti recently. A church member, who would like to remain anonymous, reached out to us to express many churchgoers sadness regarding this matter.

“It is very sad to see this kind of behaviour being done to any building. There are places for this kind of graffiti but certainly it doesn’t belong on a church or any religious building. We do not know what those graffiti mean or symbolizes but they are not appreciated at all. This isn’t the first time the church was targeted by graffiti. back in the days when the second phase was just opened there were hatred graffiti on the lower level where the windows are. We are a better West Island community than that. Please Respect one another and the building and the homes of others.”

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STGJ started in the West Island in 1989 by the Late Father Arsanious Serry. At that time the congregation was meeting at each other’s basement for prayers and liturgies. Between 89′ and 94′, they would rent out school gyms for their prayers and liturgies. In 1994 the first phase of the church was completed and the second phase in 1996.

The Coptic community, is the largest Egyptian community in the Middle East. St. George & St. Joseph is the first Coptic church in the West Island. There are currently 2 others, St Peter and St Paul in Pointe-Claire, off of Lakeshore and St John The Baptist in Vaudreuil.