Pierrefonds-Roxboro Aquatic season cancelled

(Pierrefonds-Roxboro, June 4, 2020) – ” It is in a unanimous manner and with one voice that the Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough Council and the boards of directors of the community pools announce, with regret, that the Valleycrest municipal public pool and the neighbourhood pools in the territory, namely Briarwood, PPK and Thorndale, will not open their doors to the public this summer.

A consensus of all stakeholders

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After much discussion, analysis and scenario development, all came to the same conclusion that, under the circumstances, the operations of an aquatic facility would be impossible to manage with all the constraints imposed by the impacts of `COVID-19.

“The safety of our citizens has always been our top priority. We would all have liked to have a regular season, but after discussions and consultations, we made a joint decision not to reopen our municipal and community pools. This is because of the many challenges that an opening would imply both in terms of budget and health and because of the uncertainty expressed by parents. Unfortunately, it is often the most difficult decisions that are the best for everyone’s well-being,” said the mayor of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough, Dimitrios (Jim) Beis.

“Without a doubt, we would have been thrilled to be able to offer our services to the families in our neighbourhood again, but we preferred to make this decision, which seems more reasonable given all the constraints imposed by the pandemic,” added Briarwood Pool’s Board Chair, Ms. Amee Pond.

“We will certainly be disappointed, but in our case, our administration would have been doubly challenged since not only would we have had to manage our pool but also our day camp. We feel that this joint decision is the most responsible one in these difficult times” mentioned the PPK Board Members.

“We are convinced by this decision, especially since, following a survey, our members expressed their reluctance to send their children to the pool this season, given the heavy sanitary measures that would be imposed” concluded the members of the Volunteer board of Thorndale pool.

Huge costs for very little activity

In addition to the explosion of operating costs, which amount to more than 50% over the budgets allocated to this activity in the borough and in non-profit organizations, we must add the cumbersome management of the personnel required and the facilities needed to ensure the safety of users and the respect of sanitary hygiene measures.

It is important to know that according to the standards enacted by Public Health, bathing would be by reservation only, for a period of 30 minutes at a time, in a well-defined area of the pool to ensure the physical distancing of bathers . No training, programming or activities would be permitted. The use of the sanitary blocks would also be limited.

Water games

Citizens will be able to count on the presence of 4 water games on our territory to refresh if necessary. The water games in Cyril-W.-McDonald, Ceres, Parkinson and du Boisé parks are already in operation. It is understood that the use of these facilities must be done in compliance with the imposed sanitary hygiene measures such as physical distancing. Rules are posted on the premises. In addition, the borough will find other temporary means to allow residents in high-density areas to cool down during heat waves

Compliance with regulations

In all public outdoor swimming pools, the water quality will be maintained for safety reasons so that it is clear and translucent to avoid the proliferation of insects, odours and the risk of accidents. Naturally, despite this fact, access will be strictly prohibited.

The same water quality regulations apply to swimming pools on private property.”