Pierrefonds-Roxboro Inaugurates Brand New Acces Montréal Office


Borough Mayor Dimitrios (Jim) Beis is very proud to unveil the premises of the brand new Access Montréal Office, which aims to enhance customer experience and increase residents’ satisfaction with the services offered. At a media event held on November 27th at Borough Hall, the Mayor, Council members, the project’s interior designers and personnel showcased this achievement, which is one of the improvements targeted by the Customer Experience Program launched by the Borough last October.

“Residents’ needs and expectations are changing and it is Pierrefonds-Roxboro’s responsibility to adapt and respond efficiently and effectively to all demands. With the complete redevelopment of the Access Montréal Office, the reorganization of the services and expertise offered, including the relocation of the Permits Office to the same floor and location as the Access Montréal Office, it is our firm conviction that we can better serve our residents,” stated Borough Mayor Dimitrios (Jim) Beis.

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A renewed, enhanced customer experience

 Motivated by the desire to innovate and be proactive in providing services to residents, the Borough has totally revamped the design and use of its Access Montréal Office so that residents can benefit from a renewed, simplified and more satisfying experience. Ultimately, the role of the Access Montréal Office is to inform residents about the range of services and resources available to them as well as to guide them through the various initiatives they undertake.

In this new space, everything has been carefully thought out and harmonized in order to provide residents with the best experience and to facilitate the work of the communication agents who take care of the residents. From the windows that have been entirely redone to the new sober, modern furniture, the creative graphic design of the glass panels between sections, the choice of colours that reflect the Borough’s image, and even the ergonomic and technological workspaces, the new Access Montréal Office has it all to please every taste.

In particular, there is an attractive, modern waiting room, where a video screen continuously provides important information to residents about activities taking place in the Borough, as well as display stands containing useful publications. Besides, iPads have been added and made available to residents so that they can browse information on the Borough’s website, fill out online forms right on the premises and enable employees to guide residents through their online searches or give residents a chance to entertain themselves while they wait.

In order to further enhance its customer experience, the Borough will also offer residents the opportunity to rate the service received as well as their satisfaction with their experience, by immediately filling out a short online survey using the iPads, right on site, before leaving the Access Montréal Office. This quick and simple evaluation will help our various departments to continually improve their practices and rapidly make adjustments based on the various comments received.

Relocation of the Permits Office to provide better service

It should also be noted that with the Permits Office now on the same floor and in the same location as the Access Montréal Office, this will considerably reduce the waiting time as well as the time spent by residents going from place to place in the building when they need to use these services. Residents will, therefore, be able to pay for their permits directly and submit any other requests to the Access Montréal Office, through our agents, in addition to having access to permit inspectors every day at the same office. The Borough’s Access Montréal Office will consequently be more accessible and convenient for residents as well as for people with limited mobility.

Customer experience: a core consideration in the Borough’s relations with its residents

The improvements made to the new Access Montréal Office are yet another example of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro’s determination and commitment to improving the quality of services and relations with its residents. Moreover, this commitment is in addition to the strategies already in place to better inform and listen to the population.