Pierrefonds resident approached at home by FAKE nurse selling COVID testing


THIS IS A SCAM: You will not be tested by a door to door nurse for COVID-19

On March 18, Pierrefonds resident Loralee Rubino, posted to social media that a blonde white woman in a white sprinter type van knocked on her door and offered testing for COVID-19.

Police later confirmed to Rubino that no such activity was being officially conducted and that it was false representation.

Rubino’s Facebook post :

Please be aware!!!!!!!

Just happened to us!!!!

Blonde white woman in a white sprinter type van (seen below) wearing a white tuque and white jacket with fur trim came to the house with her grey clipboard asking if anyone in the home would be interested in testing for the Corona virus!

There has been mentioned that people are going to houses and once inside they do a home invasion My husband told the woman to leave and that he was calling the cops and she bolted for the car.

We live in the Pierrefonds Roxboro area near highway 13.

Sprinter van
This is the style of van used by the woman going door to door

Rubino explained in an email exchange with the West Island Blog, that she was grateful not to be home with her young child when the caller knocked on the door.

Police have been notified and a statement made. According to Rubino, they took it seriously.


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