Physical Distancing Will No Longer be a Requirement in Post-Secondary Education in Quebec


CEGEP and university students in Quebec will no longer be required to maintain distance in the classroom when school season is back coming fall. Quebec Education Minister Danielle McCann made this announcement on Monday indicating a possibility of learning taking place on campus in the fall.

However, McCann indicated that the loosening of restriction would depend on vaccination progress and the epidemiological situation. More than 75 percent of the student population must be vaccinated and, the health situation must be stable.

The minister added that the plan would apply in classrooms and common areas. Students will also be able to participate in extracurricular activities without social distancing. However, post-secondary institutions have a backup plan if the two-dose vaccination target doesn’t materialize before the start of the fall semester.

The plan includes solutions that can easily be deployed that include physical distancing between students and staff alike. Other measures like mandatory mask-wearing might also be deployed if necessary.

In the orange zones, in-person post-secondary education can take place, but with certain restrictions that include physical distancing. In the red zone, distance learning is still the preferred mode.


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