Pharmascience’s Morris Goodman Community Partnership Day Held in Collaboration with Volunteer West Island


This autumn Pharmascience celebrated the company’s 7th annual Morris Goodman Community Partnership Day (MGCPD).  The event is organized in collaboration with Volunteer West Island’s Corporate Volunteer Recruitment Program and coordinated at the company level by Francis Jarry and the team in the Public Affairs & Communications Department.

Each year there has been a steady rise in employee involvement.  More than 100 Pharmascience volunteers took part that first year when Pharmascience and Volunteer West Island began their collaboration, lending a hand to 12 community groups.  Steeve Azoulay, Senior Director / Public Affairs and Communications, stated that this year over 300 employees participated, donating their time and energy by participating in a variety of volunteer activities to benefit more than 22 non-profit organizations in the Montreal area.  These figures represent 1,200 hours of volunteer action!

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In the words of David Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Pharmascience Inc., “The Morris Goodman Community Partnership Day is an important day of the year for Pharmascience employees where we recognize the importance of caring… a way for us to show that we are committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work”.

Photographs courtesy of the employees of Pharmascience