Petersburg Casino Bill Sails Through Virginia Senate


The future for a potential casino in Petersburg, Va., grew even brighter this week as the town edged closer toward becoming an official casino host. The legislative gears turned smoothly, propelling the proposal without a hitch through the state Senate corridors.

Downtown Petersburg waits in expectation, its past vibrancy a whisper that local leaders believe could roar back to life with the introduction of a casino resort. The would-be reviving legislation sailed successfully through the Virginia Senate. This triumph mirrored a unifying vision for economic rejuvenation as the bill passed unanimously.

By garnering robust support from the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee in a resounding 15-0 vote this Tuesday, and a sweeping 40-0 vote by the full Senate on Wednesday, Senate Bill 628 swiftly moved through the legislative process. The bill, crafted by influential lawmakers Senate President Pro Tempore Louise Lucas and Sen. Lashrecse Aird, seeks to position Petersburg on Virginia’s map as a beacon for casino enthusiasts. The Senate’s overwhelming approval sends the bill downstream to the House of Delegates for further examination.

Prospects for the bill look promising as it ventures into the lower house. There is a shared optimism that it will garner analogous support and make its way to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s desk. While the Governor has not made a definitive statement regarding an expansion of commercial gambling into Petersburg, indications from political insiders hint at a potential bipartisan victory.

Petersburg’s journey toward obtaining a casino has been fraught with challenges. The wheels began turning when Richmond’s citizens narrowly dismissed a casino proposal in a 2021 referendum. Former state Sen. Joe Morrissey drove efforts to migrate the casino license to Petersburg, but encountered significant opposition. A rematch at the Richmond polls resulted in an even more decisive no to the casino, ultimately turning the tide and aligning former opponents like Lucas to support Petersburg’s casino bid. Furthermore, SB 628 proposes to halt cities from polling citizens with repetitive casino referenda.

As legislative barriers fall, the Petersburg City Council is not idling. They’ve given City Manager John “March” Altman the green light to commence discussions with potential casino developers. In an effort to maintain integrity and public confidence, the council has pledged to conduct a transparent and competitive bidding process, rectifying criticisms of past dealings. Among the potential suitors is The Cordish Companies, whose envisioning for Petersburg includes a vast array of amenities and a gaming paradise, promising new horizons for this hopeful city.

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