Peruvian Authorities Investigate Debunked Ufologist Over ‘Alien’ Remains Extraction


Peruvian authorities have initiated a criminal investigation into Jaime Maussan, a subsequently debunked ufologist from Mexico, who recently introduced two alleged “alien bodies” to Mexico’s congress. The point of contention lies in the illegal extraction of these ‘extraterrestrial’ remains from Peru.

The remains, short skeletons about 60cm in length, arrested the attention of Mexico’s congress last week when they were displayed in sizable wooden caskets by Maussan. He believes these beings, discovered in Peru in 2017, do not align with our conventional comprehension of terrestrial evolution.

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Despite the bold assertions, several scientists and academics have derided these revelations as another theatric, cooked up by Maussan in his performative pursuit of proving the existence of aliens.

Recently, a livestream of a scientific examination of the remains was hosted on Maussan’s YouTube channel by Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute of the Secretary of the Navy. They examined the bodies via X-rays and CT scans. Their explorations found no conclusive indicators of artificial assembly or manipulation of the skulls, suggesting the remains are not man-made.

However, these findings find themselves in direct contradiction to the previous suggestion that the alien bodies had been constructed from animal or human bones. Skepticism regarding the credibility of these revelations will likely prevail due to Maussan’s acquaintance with Benitez, who collaborated with him in unveiling their discoveries to the Mexican Congress.

Benitez, who earlier affirmed that, “these bodies have no relation to human beings,” also drew attention to an unusual bulge in the abdomen of one of the remains. He speculated that the bulges resembled eggs, based on the team’s scans, which revealed that the observed anomaly was “alive, intact, biological and in gestation.”

Images from the tests showcased one of the bodies as having an elongated head, slanted eyes, and a small, upturned nose. Scientists, however, remain hesitant in affirming the extraterrestrial origin of these beings.

The Peruvian government has rejected Maussan’s claims and in turn, conjecture that the remains are likely to be pre-Hispanic artefacts. Leslie Urteaga, the Culture Minister of Peru, has delved into the matter, seeking the clarifications regarding how Maussan came into possession of the bodies. She affirmed that a related criminal complaint had indeed been filed.

Notwithstanding the ongoing investigation and mounting criticisms, Maussan persists in his claims of innocence, declaring his obtainment of the remains was not illicit. He promised to divulge more details in due course.

Assistant deputy associate administrator for research at Nasa, Dan Evans, implored the focus to shift towards a more scientific and rational discourse, scrapping conspiracy theories and undocumented speculation. He stressed the importance of exhaustive data analysis.

This isn’t Maussan’s first brush with controversy. Back in 2017, he claimed the existence of mummified aliens in a documentary for, a conspiracy theory video platform. Gaia’s similar assertions about a three-fingered mummy discovered in the Nazca region of Peru have been met with a wave of skepticism.

Maussan’s sensationalized bid to prove alien life continues, even as he accrues critics, and the tangible evidence he promises to present remains eagerly awaited.