Perth Man Pleads Guilty to Murder and Intent to Harm in Chilling Knife Attack


The tranquility of a Perth courtroom was ruptured as Bailey Jordan Lester, age 24, entered guilty pleas via video link from the confines of Hakea Prison. Standing before the Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Lester admitted to one count of murder and two counts of intent to harm, leading to catastrophic bodily injury.

Lester’s pleas spring from a chilling incident that unfolded in the quiet northern Perth suburb of Tuart Hill on January 3. It was here that Lester, in a shocking knife attack, took the life of 53-year-old Lachlan Harris and injured Darren Nash, 41, at a private residence on Lena Street, where he had been residing.

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In a bewildering act of violence, Lester then targeted a neighbouring house on Royal Street. He forced his way inside, retrieving two knives from the property before proceeding to stab Michael Di Silvio, 60, a complete stranger.

State prosecutor Michael Cvetkoski confirmed during Wednesday’s court appearance that despite the knives being lifted from Mr Di Silvio’s residence – in an act the prosecutor termed “technical stealing” – the charges of aggravated burglary and stealing would be dropped.

Indicating the severity of his actions, Lester was remanded into custody in anticipation of his inaugural appearance before the Western Australia Supreme Court, scheduled for November 20.

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