Perth Man Charged in Notorious 1986 Cold Case Murder of Wife


Sharon Fulton mysteriously vanished from her suburban home in northern Perth in 1986, marking one of Western Australia’s most notorious unsolved mysteries. Her husband, 77-year-old Maxwell Robert Fulton, who currently uses the pseudonym Raymond Reddington, has recently been charged with wilful murder in connection to her cold case. He is scheduled to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court this Friday.

Sharon, a mother-of-four, was last seen at her Duncraig residency on March 18, 1986 – 37 years have elapsed since that bewildering day. Her body, unfortunately, still remains undiscovered. In a bid to resolve this cold case, the Western Australia Police and the state government, in May, offered a $1 million reward for any leads culminating in conviction.

The couple tied the knot in 1967 and decided to relocate from Brisbane to Perth in the early 1980s. The couple’s son, Heath Fulton, who was only a toddler when the unsettling event of his mother’s disappearance occurred, confided in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine in March, expressing his fervent desire for the truth to be unveiled, regardless of the potential to cause hurt.

Desperate for closure, Heath implored, “There is nothing more I want in life than the truth about what happened to mum. What we need is to bring her to peace and to move on, knowing we can lay her body to rest and have somewhere that we can visit her.”

He asserted that the person responsible for her death, now likely aged, should step forward. He explained the decades of torment he and his siblings have endured due to their mother’s unresolved fate. “That person”, Heath declared, “has the opportunity to bring us some small comfort in providing the truth.”


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