Persistent Windsor Lotto Enthusiast Strikes $100,000 Jackpot at 72


After more than four decades of persistently playing the lottery, a Windsor elder is indulging in the jubilation of a $100,000 windfall. Raymond Poisson, a septuagenarian at 72, matched six out of seven Encore digits in sequence on the June 21 Lotto 6/49 draw, securing this grand prize. Supplementing this gain was an additional $25 from the simultaneous playoffs on the same ticket, solidifying his pot at $100,025.

Poisson has an unwavering habit of always affirming when asked about Encore—an attitude that eventually bore fruit. He was engrossed in replaying his ticket at the store when events took an unexpected turn. The lottery terminal abruptly blinked out, leaving Raymond in mild shock and awe as he unearthed his $100,000-winning revelation.

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Recalling his initial reaction, the first person the lucky man reached out to was his brother. His skepticism was soon replaced with awe-stricken belief as Raymond savored a good-humored moment to gloat about his newfound fortune.

Looking ahead, Poisson expressed his desire in channeling the bulk of his winnings towards ensuring a more comfortable retirement. However, he does harbor a plan to indulge in a celebratory shopping spree. His spirit remains undeterred, his cheerfulness untouched. “I’m blissful and continue to harbor hopes for a more grandiose prize,” he voiced.

This fortunate ticket was originally purchased at the convenience of Food Basics on Goyeau Street in Windsor.