The Perfect Occasion to Plant a Tree in Dorval


The City of Dorval, in cooperation with the GRAME (Groupe de recherche appliquée en macroécologie) – Éco-quartier Lachine, invites its citizens to participate in another edition of the program “A Tree for my Neighbourhood” and to buy lovely potted trees measuring from 1.5 to 2 metres for only $25. A variety of fruit trees are also available for $35.

Following are the terms and conditions:

  • The trees must be planted on private property only
  • The orders must be placed before October 4 for a distribution starting October 13
  • The trees will be delivered to citizens, free of charge, by the City of Dorval’s Public Works Department
  • Citizens are responsible for the planting and maintenance of their trees.

To learn about the available species of trees and to order your tree, you can contact the GRAME in one of the following manner:

  1. Online at
  2. By telephone at 514 634-7205
  3. In person at 735 Notre Dame Street, in Lachine

This program is the perfect opportunity for the Dorval community to help reach the Montreal Canopy Action Plan’s objective of increasing the city’s canopy index by 5% by 2025. To reach that goal, the City of Dorval and its citizens need to focus not only on the conservation of existing trees, but also on the planting of new trees. Approximately 7,600 new trees would need to be planted in Dorval over the next decade to reach that goal.

Participate now to help increase the plant cover rate and to benefit from a number of ecological, aesthetic, social, and economical advantages that trees can offer.

This bargain is made possible by the program “A Tree for my Neighbourhood”, which is supported by the City of Montreal and coordinated by the Regroupement des éco-quartiers as well as by the SOVERDI.


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