Pennsylvania Manhunt Narrowed to 2-Miles in Search for Escaped Murderer Cavalcante


Authorities in Pennsylvania are rallying in their pursuit of escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante, condensing their search to a specified 2-mile region where they believe the fugitive is ensconced. His mother’s pleas for him to surrender now echo across the area, blared from police helicopters and patrol cars in a distinct yet hopeful stratagem designed to persuade the felon to relent and capitulate.

Cavalcante, 34, had effected an escape from Chester County Prison, situated some 30 miles west of Philadelphia early Thursday morning. The Chester County District Attorney, Deb Ryan, characterized the fugitive as a man of extreme danger, prompting an urgent response from law enforcement. The Brazilian national was dove-tailed with a first-degree murder conviction on August 16 following the murder of his former girlfriend, 33-year-old Deborah Brandão. A life sentence without parole had just been handed down last week, and the fugitive is also plagued by suspicions of another murder in his homeland of Brazil.

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As search efforts enter their fifth day, authorities have amassed their resources around a densely wooded area within a 2-mile radius of the prison, as revealed by Robert Clark, supervisory deputy US Marshal for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He hopes that Cavalcante, presumably desperate, would relent to his mother’s pleas, thus allowing for a peaceful surrender.

Cavalcante has been sighted four credible times within a small area since his escape, per officials . The most recent sighting was noted on Sunday afternoon by a state trooper, Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens. Simultaneously, police are investigating a couple of burglaries in the area, that while unproven to be Cavalcante’s doing, are nevertheless viewed with interest.

With an aim to tire and corner Cavalcante, police are stepping up their efforts. According to Bivens, officials are empowered to exercise deadly force if Cavalcante, upon discovery, does not surrender willingly. He expressed hope that relentless pressure would push Cavalcante into making mistakes, thus revealing his whereabouts.

Residents in the area are cautioned against any interaction with Cavalcante and urged to report any suspicious activity or vacant houses left due to Labor Day vacation. This is the second escape from the Chester County prison, a fact acknowledged by District Attorney Ryan who assured that the prison had recognized their vulnerabilities and was committed to rectifying them. The hope lies in a swift conclusion to the manhunt, with a peaceful resolution remaining a preferred outcome.