Pennsylvania Man Pleads Guilty to Fatal Tioga Downs Arson


In a solemn courtroom admission, a man accepted responsibility for a devastating act that ended in tragedy at the Tioga Downs Casino Resort in New York State. This week, Boyd H. Fenton, aged 33, from Athens, Pennsylvania, uttered the words ‘guilty’ to charges encompassing third-degree arson, second-degree assault, and the grievous charge of animal cruelty—30 counts mirroring the innocent lives lost. Thirty horses succumbed to the flames in a November fire that consumed a barn within the serene boundaries of the resort.

Fenton is now confronting a future constrained by prison walls, with the arson charge alone bearing a sentence that could span from five to fifteen years. The assault charge adds another seven years, with potential post-incarceration supervision extending three years. For the animal cruelty he perpetrated, Fenton faces additional time ranging from fifteen months to four years per count.

As the judicial gears turn towards Fenton’s sentencing set for April 19, Tioga County District Attorney Kirk Martin vows to advocate for the sternest measures allowed by law. Reflecting on the prospective sentence, Martin expressed a conviction that the scales of justice are profoundly challenged to balance the atrocity committed. Yet, in the face of limitations, the legal team has endeavored to achieve the utmost within their reach.

The confounding rhythm of Fenton’s actions that night veils the true reasoning behind the arson. Authorities have gleaned only fragmented insight into the mindset that led to the catastrophe, suggesting that drug-induced paranoia might have played a part in Fenton’s ill-fated decisions.

As time crawls towards the day of reckoning for Fenton, now a resident of the Tioga County jail, memories of the inferno linger stubbornly with the survivors. None more so than for Edgar Clarke, a 68-year-old trainer, who bears the physical and emotional scars of the blaze. Venture too close, and the fire would claim more, Clarke surmised as he recounted his desperate, yet futile, attempt to combat the conflagration that ultimately claimed both equine and feline lives and left him with second-degree burns.

For Kayla Morris, the fire severed bonds with twelve horses—each an extension of her being, either through ownership or training. The emotional torment of loss was only compounded by her own harrowing experience that night. She stood powerless on the threshold of salvation and destruction, her cries blending into the roar of the inferno that held her cherished companions.

Among the lives extinguished was an esteemed 11-year-old racehorse named Better Call Saul, whose achievements included 24 victories and earnings that spoke of his valor and agility. Morris reflected on the personality of the horse that had so touched her life. Love, cheekiness, and an insatiable hunger for life, Better Call Saul was more than a statistic in the aftermath—he was a cherished soul.

In resonance with the collective heartache, the community response was immediate and profound. Fundraising initiatives blossomed, drawing forth a swell of support that transcended grief. Jeff Gural, both owner of the resort and chairman of American Racing and Entertainment, pledged a $100K matching donation, fueling the outpouring of contributions that amassed several hundred thousand dollars—a salve for those horsemen and trainers dealt a cruel blow by fate.

Tioga Downs Casino Resort, nestled near the state boundary with Pennsylvania, offers more than the picturesque escape of geography. With its casino games and 890 slot machines, the resort is a vibrant hub for entertainment—including the pulsing heart of harness racing. The steeds lost to the fire were not mere animals, but athletes who had graced the tracks with their thunderous presence.

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