Penn Entertainment’s Stock Soars on ESPN Bet Launch Success


Penn Entertainment witnessed a significant surge in its stock performance this Monday as gaming enthusiasts showed a vigorous embrace of the newly launched ESPN Bet mobile sports wagering application. The fervor surrounding the application brought a wave of optimism that was felt throughout the gaming stock market.

The operator’s regional casinos stepped into the spotlight on November 15 with the rollout of ESPN Bet across 17 states. Alongside, the brand’s fresh face in iGaming—Hollywood Casino—graced the digital floors in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. An influx of bettors appeared eager to explore Penn’s latest venture, if early indicators were anything to go by.

Bolstered by such anticipatory consumer engagement, the performance of ESPN Bet has been nothing short of stellar. The new application has dominated the download charts, securing its position among the top free apps on the iOS store since its release. Accumulating over 865,000 downloads and boasting a 4.8 app store rating, the ESPN Bet app, even in the absence of NFL Sunday data, has drawn substantial attention.

This tide of enthusiasm was registered by analysts in the industry, with Bank of America’s Shaun Kelley upgrading Penn’s stock status to “buy” from “neutral” and concurrently raising the price target from $27 to $30. Such a bullish adjustment by Kelley fueled today’s leap in Penn’s stock value, which clocked a noteworthy rise of 7.33% in late trading, well above the usual daily volume.

The collaboration between ESPN and Penn to create ESPN Bet marks the culmination of ESPN’s protracted quest to align itself with a sports wagering entity. Penn’s financial commitment to ESPN’s parent company, Walt Disney, amounts to a hefty $1.5 billion over a period of ten years. Furthermore, ESPN has acquired the option to purchase around 31.8 million shares in Penn through $500 million worth of warrants that vest over the same decade—linking Disney’s fortunes more closely with the performance of Penn’s stock.

The strategic partnership, which was not without its negotiations, reflects an ambitious gamble by the network and the casino operator. However, it’s this very pact that analysts believe may hold prosperous future returns for both parties.

As Penn Entertainment continues to evolve, many investors still recall its January 2020 acquisition of a 36% stake in Barstool Sports. This deal initially positioned Penn as a contender in the online gaming sphere. Despite a strong 2020, Penn’s stock faced challenges as it competed for market share against giants like FanDuel and DraftKings.

Yet, it’s essential to emphasize that Penn’s regional casinos have steadfastly driven earnings and revenue—a fact that some may have overlooked. This aspect of the business could prove to be a strategic advantage, particularly in areas with less competitive pressure such as Atlantic City, Chicago, and Tunica.

In the broader scheme, Bank of America analyst Shaun Kelley pointed out that Penn’s judicious cost-cutting and solid quarterly earnings indicate little potential for disappointment in its margins, painting a promising picture for investors.

The discourse on Penn’s corporate maneuvers and market dynamics seamlessly dovetails with the wider context of online gaming—a realm where, based on today’s digital trends, potential abounds. As enthusiasts and newcomers alike explore options beyond the traditional casino setting, it becomes increasingly relevant to guide them toward informed choices in the vast expanse of digital gaming possibilities.

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