Pelosi Ordered to Vacate Capitol Office by Interim Speaker McHenry


On Tuesday, former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, revealed that the newly appointed interim speaker, Republican Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, has directed her to vacate her office within the Capitol building. Pelosi continues to hold her permanent office in the Cannon House office building.

The directive was communicated through an email, dispatched from the office of McHenry to Pelosi’s post after six in the evening on Tuesday. The message read, “Going to reassign H-132 for speaker office use. Please vacate by tomorrow.”

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In response, Pelosi articulated that she wasn’t currently in Washington, DC to facilitate the immediate removal of her personal belongings. “Amidst all the pivotal decisions that the new Republican Leadership must confront, which we are all anticipative of, the Speaker Pro Tempore’s primary action was to instruct me to promptly empty my office in the Capitol,” stated the Democratic representative from California.

Regrettably, Pelosi added, due to being in California paying her respect to a departed friend, Dianne Feinstein, she was unable to fulfill the immediate request. Feinstein, boasting a three-decade tenure in the Senate, marking her as the longest-serving US senator in history, passed away last week at 90 years of age. Following months of deteriorating health, Feinstein will lay in state at San Francisco City Hall before her funeral services on Thursday.

Pelosi further stated that “this eviction deviates drastically from tradition,” noting that during her tenure as Speaker, she had allotted former Speaker Hastert an extended suite of offices for a period of his choosing.

“While office space holds no significance to me, it appears central to their agenda,” Pelosi commented. “With this crucial issue resolved by the new Republican Leadership, I anticipate that they can now shift their focus to matters of genuine importance for the American Citizenry.”

McHenry, currently holding the official title of Speaker Pro Tempore, will oversee the vote and selection for the next House Speaker, with the power to recess the chamber, adjourn it and recognize speaker nominations.

The process requires the Speaker, Kevin McCarthy in this case, to provide a confidential list to the clerk, detailing “in the order in which each shall act as Speaker Pro Tempore in the event of a vacancy,” per House rules. McHenry, a known ally of McCarthy, was the first name on this list.