Paul Ryan Warns GOP Faces Loss in Next Election with Trump Nominee


Paul Ryan, former House Speaker, forecasted on Tuesday that if Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination for the next presidential bid, the party faces a serious risk of losing the election. He further warned of a potential governmental shutdown spurred by the hard-right followers of Trump in the coming days.

Ryan, who had a strained relationship with Trump during his tenure as the Speaker until his retirement in 2019, expressed hopes of an alternate Republican candidate gaining adequate momentum early next year to surpass Trump post the initial primaries. Having served southeastern Wisconsin in Congress for two decades, including a memorable four-year stint as the Speaker, Ryan has significant political insight.

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Addressing an event at the University of Wisconsin, he stated, “The party that introduces a new candidate first stands a greater chance of winning the election.” He expressed his apprehensions stating that in a race between Trump and President Joe Biden, the odds are heavily stacked in Biden’s favor.

Ryan emphasized the need for leaders to be honest, ethical, and morally upright and aspire to set standards through their exemplary leadership. He criticized Trump for lacking these attributes and declared him unfit for Presidency.

He underscored the vital role of swing states, including Wisconsin, in determining the election results and emphasized the necessity of winning the suburban voters. Expressing his skepticism, Ryan asked, “Do you believe suburban voters’ fondness for Donald Trump has increased post Jan. 6th? They refrained from voting for him last time, and I don’t anticipate that changing.”

In his critique of Trump’s Congressional followers, Ryan lamented their disinterest in governance or seeking solutions to prevent a government shutdown. Even as the Senate strives to prevent a federal closure with just five days remaining for the shutdown deadline, hard-right Congressional members seem to be in command. In response, Senators have introduced a bipartisan provisional measure to maintain temporary funding till Nov. 17.

Ryan, who served as the Speaker during the longest government shutdown in 2018, expressed concerns about this potential occurrence. However, his critique didn’t spare his own party. He bemoaned the Republicans in Congress for their failure to propose an alternative, labeling it an act of ‘nihilism’ and an image-affecting inability to govern.

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