Pass Microsoft Azure 70-535 Certification Exam for a Successful Career in IT World



With the new industrial revolution happening all around the world, cloud computing has become one of the most used systems in most of the industries and companies. Every IT developer is creating their own cloud platform. Microsoft has also created its own cloud platform called Azure. Microsoft Azure has been created to build, test, deploy and manage the application that is being adopted by a lot in industries in the entire worked. Azure was introduced in 2008 and has become an intricate part of any company.

People who want to make a career in the cloud computing and want to know more about Microsoft Azure can opt for some of Microsoft Azure certifications like MCP, MCSA, MCSE or MCSD.These certifications will help candidates in getting better job opportunities and also learning more and more about Microsoft Azure technology.

If you are someone who wants to pass Microsoft 70-535 certification exam – Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions – and do not know where to start, this article will be of great help. Here we will discuss everything that is associated with this exam and everything that is required for the candidates to score well.

What is Microsoft 70-535 Certification Exam?

ExamSnap Microsoft Azure 70-535 exam dumps are for the candidates who have applied to get the Microsoft Azure technology certification in which the knowledge and the skill of the candidate to configure and manage Microsoft Azure solutions are tested.

Important Tips of 70-535 Exam?

  • Eligibility

There are no set eligibility criteria for a candidate to appear in Microsoft 70-535 exam. The only requirement is that the candidate should be 18 years or older in age.

  • Exam pattern

70-535 exam consists of 50-60 questions that have been solved in about 2-hours. These questions are all objective questions and the paper is held at Microsoft centres in different parts of the world. The candidate has to score 700/1000 or above to pass.

  • Languages Offered

The students can give the exam in 7 languages including English, Chinese, French, Japanese and three more.

  • Fee

The students will have to pay a fee of $165 USD to get certified.

  • Who Should Give

The candidates who are eligible for Microsoft 70-535 exam are the ones who are well aware of cloud computing and Azure services. All IT professionals who deal with cloud computing can sit for 70-535 exam. Additionally, students who are continuing their college degree can also sit for this test.

What are Useful Study Material?

The candidates can get different types of study materials. These are as follows:

  • Books can be bought from the authorized dealers. Microsoft prints books for Microsoft 70-535 certification exam that can be bought and read by the students who are preparing for the test.
  • The students can also download online study material at a variety of websites. Just make sure that before spending any money or time on the online study material, you check all the things that come under the course.
  • The other study material is online books available at the official Microsoft website and the links to the online videos that can be watched for a better knowledge of the exam syllabus.
  • There are also a variety of blogs that you can check to gain a better understanding of this subject, for example how to pass Microsoft Azure 70-535 certification exam.


Study Techniques

There are numerous study techniques that the candidates use to ace Microsoft 70-535 exam. You can even create your own study technique that you think will suit you the best. The study techniques are as follows:

  • Self-study is one of the best technique that every student needs to adapt to his or her preparation. The students can buy or download the study material from some affiliate websites and use that material to cover all the topics in their own time and pace. This is the best option for the students that are working.
  • The next is online courses. This is also like the self-study but your course will be decided by the website you are taking the course at. You can get your course material which will contain book PDFs. Videos and some practice tests. You can take the tests when you have completed the study material. This will help you in gaining a better perspective of the exam.
  • The next type of training is the instructor-led training where you are taught all about this course in a classroom environment. The students who have some extra time and want to learn all about Azure and cloud computing from the beginning go for these classes.


Does It Actually Give Better Career Opportunities?

In one word, Yes! Microsoft 70-535 certification exam does give a boost to your career. The certificate is just like and additional certificate that you can use to do more jobs in the IT sector. With corresponding Microsoft certification, you can apply for more jobs and will be given preference over the people who do not have Microsoft Azure certification. The knowledge you will gain while preparing for Microsoft 70-535 exam will also help you in giving a better service to your customers if you have a personal business. The study for Microsoft 70-535 exam is very detailed and knowledgeable and is a good investment for your IT career.

Microsoft 70-535 certification exam can only be obtained when the candidate has appropriate knowledge about Azure and its processes. Microsoft designs it exam very smartly and if you do not study both theoretical as well as practical aspects of this exam. You will not be able to succeed in 70-535 exam. Additionally, you also need some experience in the field. The least experience in 6 months where you can learn the basics of cloud computing before diving into the study for 70-535 exam. So, work hard and make sure you prepare everything before you sit for the exam.


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