Parliament Reconvenes Monday: Liberals Tirelessly Fight Housing Crisis Amid Declining Approval Rates


With a renewed commitment to their roles, Members of Parliament are set to retake their offices in the House of Commons this Monday. The dominant agenda on the table is driven by the Liberals, who are establishing extensive new housing and cost-of-living policies.

Caught in a storm of declining approval ratings, the Liberals are presenting a potent cure: the engine for a rampant increase in rental housing construction. Their plan proposes a strategic elimination of the Goods and Services Taxes (GST) from the construction expenditures of new rental assets.

Simultaneously, the leaders of major grocery retail chains nationwide have been beckoned to the country’s capital. The objective of this meeting, schedules for Monday, is to strategize on measures for mitigating the escalating concern of food inflation.

However, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre takes a rather pointed view of these matters. He has no qualms about laying the blame for the surge in cost of living and the crumbling housing situation squarely at the feet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Poilievre has plans to push for new housing laws this week, which resemble the Liberals’ proposal to remove GST from new rental constructions. In addition, he seeks to penalize cities that fail to augment their annual housing starts by refusing them federal housing funds.

Amidst these developing challenges, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland launched a critique at the Conservatives. She argued that they merely engage in peddling simplistic, anger-fueled catchphrases, instead of genuinely constructive solutions that inspire hope among the citizens.


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