Paris Institute Students Stage Pro-Palestinian Blockade, Prompting Virtual Shift


The day was marked by an undercurrent of deep political tension at the revered Paris Institute of Political Studies, known colloquially as Sciences Po. Emulating similar actions taken by their counterparts in the United States, students advocating for Palestinian solidarity made the bold move of blockading access to a primary academic structure on Friday. The impactful scene warranted the university’s top brass to rapidly transition all classes to the virtual realm.

Echoing the resilient spirit of solidarity encampments flourishing across American universities, the demonstration began with protesters assuming control of a central building in the academic compound. The entryway was impressively barricaded with an eclectic assortment of items, including refuse bins, planks, and even a bicycle. Rallying around the building, the sea of zealous, young protesters enthusiastically voiced pro-Palestinian sentiments and proudly displayed an array of colorful placards and Palestinian flags.

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The unfolding spectacle escalated further when pro-Israeli groups joined the fray in opposition. Streets outside the educational facility became a tense nexus where Israeli and Palestinian sentiments confronted one another, necessitating intervention from riot police to maintain a precarious peace.

As the shroud of the night began descending on the city, the number of pro-Palestinian protesters gradually reduced. Despite stern police warnings and the looming threat of arrests, the remaining protesters remained defiant and refused to vacate the streets. When the group finally emerged from the occupied building carrying a large Palestinian flag, their exit was met with a wave of supportive cheers from the crowd that had gathered outside. With this morale-boosting send-off, the group then dispersed from the scene in an orderly fashion amidst the watchful presence of law enforcement.

A significant demand from the protesters was for Sciences Po to terminate its ongoing relationships with Israeli educational establishments. In response, Jean Bassères, a prominent administrator at the university, assured students of an impending town hall discussion within the next week. In a statement, he confirmed a temporary halt of disciplinary proceedings against certain students while also urging them to refrain from causing further disruption to the academic activities of the institution.

The ongoing war in Gaza has driven a sharp wedge of division in France, which boasts the biggest Jewish and Muslim demographics in Western Europe. In response to the unexpected attack launched on Israel by Hamas on October 7, France had initially initiated a prohibition on pro-Palestinian protests. Unfortunately, this tense environment has catalyzed a surge in anti-Semitic sentiments across the country.

A few days prior, more than a hundred students favoring the Palestinian cause had moved into a Sciences Po amphitheater. While a majority complied with authorities requests to leave after a discussion, a small group of holdouts needed to be physically escorted from the location by law enforcement.

Expressing her opinion while preferring to stay anonymous except for her first name, protester Louise revealed that their actions were inspired by similar events that took place in Columbia University and other U.S. colleges. However, she was quick to add, “But our solidarity remains first and foremost with the Palestinian people.”

In related news, dozens of similar demonstrations have been observed at a variety of campuses across the U.S, including prestigious establishments such as Columbia University. The protests have led to the arrest and subsequent detention of hundreds of students and even some faculty members, occasionally amidst violent interactions with the police.