Parents of School Children in Montreal’s Neighborhoods to receive COVID-19 Vaccine in a New Pilot Program


A new pilot program in two Montreal neighborhoods will be providing COVID-19 vaccines to all parents of school-going children. The program was officially announced on Wednesday for all parents of kids and children attending school in Cote-St. Luc and Plamondon neighborhoods. They will receive shots months earlier than they would have waited to be eligible.

Quebec vaccination sequence follows the age-based prioritization, however, the soaring risks of covid-19 variants in the region necessitated young parents in their 30s and 40s receive a shot. However, there has been concern about what officials meant when they said “Plamondon,” which is mostly used to refer to Snowdon and Cote-des-Neiges.

In a written statement, Dr. Mylene Drouin on Thursday noted that childcare and schools were turning to the transmissions motor for variants which was accounting for up to a quarter of all new cases of COVID-19. Drouin added that all staff members and parents regardless of their age to get a vaccine between March 22 and April 4th in one of the city mass vaccination sites.

Currently, those booking for vaccination are aged 65 above. The majority of those aged 80 and above have already been vaccinated. Quebec has a little allowance of people stepping out of age sequence prioritization. The province has refused to move people with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and lung condition up on the list.


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