Parent Of Boy Who Contracted Coronavirus Notes Health Official Took Days To Inform Other Parents


A surrey mother whose child, aged 10, contracted the Coronavirus notes it tool several days for public health to inform the families of the child’s friends.

The mother, Tracey Thomas, informed local media that the child, William Richardson, who is also living with a severe case of Asthma, got home from school, Hillcrest Elementary Tuesday with signs of the Coronavirus.

She rushed him to hospital on Thursday where tests confirmed her suspicion.

She notes that as soon as she got home, at around 1pm, she called the school and informed managed of the situation.

Sadly, she notes, the school did not inform parents of the child’s classmates.

That evening, Fraser Health contacted her to notify that a contact tracer would be by her home in a few hours, but the wait went on for days.

She decided to inform other parents via the school’s Facebook page.

Last Sunday, William’s condition worsened, forcing her to take him to the emergency room.

She noted last Tuesday that contact tracers finally contacted her. She added that their apparent lack of action is not acceptable.

At the start of this month, Dr. Bonnie Henry said that the health ministry would no longer circulate school-wide communication when a child tested positive. Rather, they would contact only those who were immediately in contact with the diseases.


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