PANDORA Token Skyrockets 50%, Whales Reap Millions


In the pulsating world of cryptocurrency, PANDORA has emerged from its quietude to command the digital currency stage with a breathtaking spectacle of economic force. Leveraging the innovative Ethereum ERC-404 token standard, it is PANDORA that now headlines, following its impressive 50% ascent to a robust valuation of $24,000—a figure that once again crowns its market position.

The catalyst behind this swift financial upswing lies within the strategic movements of cryptocurrency “whales,” the colloquial term for investors whose funds are ample enough to influence the market. Mysterious transactions were observed, betraying an accumulation trend that prefigured PANDORA’s price leap. According to Lookonchain, a tracing beacon for on-chain data, one such whale embarked on a significant buying spree as early as February 20, with an expense of nearly $4.89 million for an ensemble of 244.24 PANDORA tokens.

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This particular investor’s tenacity stretched over several days, marking an average purchase price of $20,044 for each token—an investment that would soon bear fruit. Not long after, on February 23, a different whale entered the financial waters, procuring 71.45 PANDORA tokens at an average price of $19,268 per token, amounting to an expenditure of $1.37 million.

Combined, these whales claimed over $6 million of PANDORA, and when the price soared to $24,000, their strategic bets paid off handsomely. The first investor’s reward approximated $1 million in profit, while the latter savored gains exceeding $330,000.

Adding fuel to PANDORA’s fiery ascent were the incentives aimed at rewarding its holders. Monarch, another entity thriving on the Ethereum ERC-404 standard, proposed an airdrop totaling 5% of its token supply for the beholders of PANDORA. This, in tandem with PANDORA’s announcement to unveil an updated version of the ERC-404, galvanized demand and further energized the token’s financial trajectory.

During this whirlwind weekend, PANDORA’s price experienced a stratospheric climb, manifesting a 50% increase and breaching the notable threshold of $24,000. Nonetheless, the highs of success were met with the lows of reality; the price endured a swift downturn on February 23, a plummet largely ascribed to these whales liquidating their lucrative stakes.

At present, the token’s value vacillates, with its trade range fluctuating between $16,000 and $17,000. At the time of this report, PANDORA trades at $17,139, with a modest dip of 5% over the previous 24 hours, according to real-time data from Dexscreener.

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