Pandemic Unveils Hidden Hunger Crisis; Community Unites for Change


In the wake of an unnerving calamity, local schools in our region were promptly shuttered, exposing an issue more profound than the temporary suspension of academics. The global pandemic has claimed its undoubted toll, yet it unveiled another glaring matter. Children who heavily depended on the free meals served at school were suddenly left in a lurch, revealing a hunger epidemic seemingly overshadowed by the pandemic roller coaster.

The abrupt closure saw panic ripple across households of the underprivileged surplus, especially those studded with young, growing children. For these families, school not only served as the institution shaping their child’s future but also as an unfailing provider of at least one square meal a day. The instant stoppage lay bare the painful reality of their dependence.

Through this tumultuous time, the statement– ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ – truly came alive, as our local communities leapt into action. A humbling testimony to humanity, organizations, and individuals rallied together, pooling resources to ensure that the gaping void left by the school closure was filled. They stepped up to ensure no child went hungry, kindling hope amidst despair.

Remarkably, this period provided a unique opportunity for us to reflect and reassess our collective priorities. The digital divide came into focus, food insecurities hogged the spotlight, and established norms were questioned. We all have a role to play in rectifying these inequalities that have been thrown into stark relief by an unforeseen crisis.

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