Pandemic Has Been Tough On Women Working The On Frontline: Here’s Why


Women who are bravely battling it out with the pandemic have been impacted disproportionately. This is according to a McGill University study.

The study stated that young women working in the medical profession with young families back home are exposed to the virus extensively in their places of work. Dr. Shaheen Shariff, part of the research team, noted that most front-line workers are in the marginalized socio-economic demographic. They work in very tight quarters and are not able to remove themselves from the crowd. A lot of them go to and from work via public means.

The Dr. is part of a McGill research body that is sharing this information via IMPACTs webpage. What the team found was that the women are experiencing palpable stress.

Other than their position in the medical fraternity, they make up a considerable proportion of the teaching staff. Heidi Yetman, who is a member of the advisory team of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation’s Advisory Committee, said that this pandemic has been tough on women. He added that it is the same women who are caring for kids in their homes.

Yetman also noted that their stressful life is compounded by the fact that the needs of teachers have not been addressed. Teachers feel somewhat abandoned. They work hard and are out each day, working the best way they can. However, they are suffering as they have other responsibilities other than work.

Change is needed, but for that to happen, women must be part of the decision-making team, Yetman observed.


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