Pamela Anderson’s Triumphant Return as Vegas Showgirl in “The Last Showgirl” Film


In a seeming return to her acting career, Pamela Anderson is slated to reinvigorate the spirit of the Las Vegas showgirl in an upcoming indie film. The provocative and dark film, titled “The Last Showgirl,” offers an in-depth look into the life of a woman forced to reinvent herself in the wake of a sudden career ending.

Anderson, best known for her role in the hit series “Baywatch,” immerses herself into the character of a Las Vegas showgirl. Following a three-decade run, the production she partakes in abruptly closes, leaving her character in a challenging position. “The Last Showgirl” was filmed on location in Las Vegas over the past few years and symbolizes Anderson’s first significant acting role since her 2022 feature “Alone at Night.”

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The film’s captivating vision is brought to life by director Gia Coppola, renowned as the granddaughter of five-time Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola, the niece of celebrated writer-director Sofia Coppola, and cousin to Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage. Coppola’s contribution to the film echoes the impressive cinematic lineage of her family.

In “The Last Showgirl,” despite being in her 50s, Anderson’s character grapples with a life steeped in hardship, tackling not only a dwindling career but also dealing with an estranged adult daughter. The daughter’s resentment is grounded in a childhood spent in the shadows of her mother’s showgirl family. This initial portrayal suggests a narrative echoing the darkness captured in the Oscar-winning film “Leaving Las Vegas.”

An early publicity snapshot hints at a troubling scenario, with Anderson potentially contemplating suicide from a casino resort rooftop, potentially either the Palms or the Rio, located west of the Bellagio.

Adding more weight to the film’s roster, the star-studded cast includes Oscar-winner Jamie Lee Curtis, Dave Bautista, Brenda Song, Kiernan Shipka, and Billie Lourd.

“The Last Showgirl” is a groundbreaking film as it shines a spotlight on an oft-overlooked issue. It explores the plight of hundreds of former Las Vegas showgirls who found themselves both professionally and personally lost following the closure of the last showgirl production shows on the Strip – “Folie Bergere” at the Tropicana in 2009 and “Jubilee!” at Bally’s in 2016.

In the current scenario, despite popular belief, Las Vegas is devoid of traditional showgirls. Those posing as showgirls along the sidewalks of the Las Vegas Strip are either paid models or street performers, earning their livelihood through photo tips.

Following completion, “The Last Showgirl” is set to premiere at Cannes from May 14-25, with the aim of finding distribution. This captivating movie promises to be a riveting watch, exploring the intricate struggles of a former showgirl while providing a deep dive into the world of the once-glamorous Las Vegas show scene.