PA Media Analyst Charged for Manipulating Greyhound Racing Results


A UK’s national news agency analyst was charged this week for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activity for personal gain.
Jack Bentham, 24, from East Yorkshire, worked with PA Media in producing news services that included supplying live horse racing and greyhound racing data to betting operators.

PA Media, which was initially known as Press Association, also offered a sportsbooks pricing solution by providing real-time fixed odds for teams.

Bentham appeared before Hull Magistrate Court on Monday. He was charged for manipulating race data between 13th and 22 October in 2018.

According to a local news report, Bentham was able to rake about $13, 600 via his Paddy Power account. However. Paddy Power and Skybet notified authorities about irregular betting activity on his account.

Bentham pleaded guilty to fraud and abuse of his position set to be sentenced in mid-September. Bentham’s lawyer Nick Tubbs acknowledged that his client has accepted responsibility and is ready to take steps to address the gambling problem.

Bentham’s meddle might have been inspired by a fraud perpetrated 22 years ago using similar tactics. In 1998, a person working with UK’s Racing Post knowingly altered the results of four greyhound races for gambling benefits.

However, these were the days dial-up internet was in use. It was impossible to provide live data directly to bookmakers.

In the greyhound races in question, Bentham chose two of the UK’s smallest tracks. Furthermore, Press Association was the only racing-focused newspaper in the event.


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