P.E.I. Finance Minister Defend the Plan to Establish Online Casino in the Province


Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Finance Minister said that online casinos should be regulated in similar ways to cannabis and liquor. However, on Wednesday, the opposing M.L.A.s are hard-pressed by the finance minister to abandon the plan to launch an online casino in the province.

Liberal and Green M.L.A.s are opposing the plan, which received the approval of the cabinet in December. The plan is set to allow Atlantic Lottery Corporation to establish an online casino in the province. During a health and social development committee appearance, the finance minister insisted that the province need to allow online casinos to prevent islanders from gambling on offshores websites.

However, P.E.I. opposition leader Peter Bevan Baker raised a concern expressed by gambling addiction experts that the province’s financial gain is to be achieved while the low-income problem gamblers will be at the losing end. A primary concern at the meeting was regarding the online casino advertisement regulation.

The opposing M.L.A.s also cited the Atlantic Lottery advert, which offered gamblers $ 20 to spend on their website. M.L.S. Michele Beaton acclaimed over how those recovering from addiction received the ad. Besides, she added no way are other addictive items such as liquor offered on credit.

The M.L.A.s also raised concerns over the number of funds being allocated to responsible gaming resources. The province has devoted 1.5 percent to responsible gaming resources. However, fewer funds are going to the strategy. M.L.A. MacDonald raised a concern that the region should create an advisory council to help in the effort to reduce problem gaming.


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