Over 3,600 Properties Under Threat as Wildfires Persist in British Columbia’s Shuswap Region


Even as the peril of fire relaxes its grip on certain parts of British Columbia’s Shuswap region, the threat remains very much alive. Over 3,600 properties continue to live under the shadow of evacuation orders, with approximately 2,300 being alerted to stand poised for instantaneous escape.

Marg Drysdale, an information officer from BC Wildfire Service, issued a stark reminder at a press conference held by Columbia Shuswap Regional District on Sunday, saying, “In no uncertain terms, the fire persists. The locals will continue to witness the flames within the encircled sector. There will persistently be unburnt fuels that will ignite around the border.”

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Drysdale also highlighted that the Bush Creek East wildfire, although being reined in by firefighting crews, remains uncontrollable. She notes, however, that the team has made significant headway in recent days and has initiated cleanup efforts.

“Crews have been working diligently on the fires, accomplishing robust work within the past few days. The current focus is primarily on cleanup activities, with teams extensively engaged in patrolling and mopping up,” she explained.

Apart from the pyrotechnic peril, the North Shuswap region holds other dangers that make it a hazardous zone. Tracy Hughes, another information officer from the CSRD, outlined these hazards saying, “This includes ash pits – sheer death traps, treacherous trees that could collapse unexpectedly, and hazardous ash and debris.”

In the briefing, a representative from BC Hydro, Mary Anne Coules, brought to light the ongoing restoration work as crews busily rebuild the vital infrastructure decimated by the fire.

“We suffered the loss of about 27 kilometres of power lines, 430 poles and 66 pieces of other equipment, all of which need restoration,” she detailed. Despite these startling numbers, many homes are set to regain power sooner rather than later with around 2,500 residences expected to have power restored by the end of Sunday, and most other areas to follow by week’s end.

In what comes as a crushing blow to the community, it was revealed at the Sunday briefing that 131 structures in the hardest-hit area — Celista — were completely razed to the ground.

In the wake of these staggering losses, Hughes relayed her heartfelt condolences, “Our hearts go out to all those devastated by the ravages of the fire. A feeling of surrealism must, no doubt, be setting in. But remember, we’re with you through every step of this uphill exertion.”

As the fight against the Bush Creek East fire rages on, BC Wildfire Service currently has 176 firefighters dedicated to quelling the flames.