Ottawa’s August Avoids 30-Degree Mark for First Time in Over a Decade


For the first time in over a decade, the mercury will fail to reach 30 degrees Celsius during the month of August in Ottawa. As the final day of this month approaches, Environment Canada’s weather predictions forecast a comparatively cool high of 21 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature recorded in August fell short of the 30-degree mark, peaking at 28.3 degrees Celsius on the 9th. The previous encounter with a temperature in excess of 30 degrees was on July 11th, when it reached a sweltering 31.6 degrees Celsius.

This August, however, was distinctive for its precipitation rather than high temperatures. Ottawa was soaked with a substantial 110.8 millimeters of rain, whilst areas adjacent to the city experienced between 38 to 100 millimeters of rainfall in a single day on August 10th.

By the count, the first day of summer on June 21st has only been succeeded by a meager five days with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. The preceding instance when the month of August in Ottawa failed to experience a 30-degree day was in 2008.

But the end of August does not signify the end of warm days. The fading days of summer shall give way to an intense upsurge in heat, with the concluding summer weekend in Ottawa ringing in a streak of hot days.

Environment Canada’s predictions forecast a scorching 30 degrees Celsius on Sunday, 31 degrees on Monday, and soaring to 32 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Contrary to its typically cooler character, this September is shaping up to be a rather hot month. Anticipated to hit southern Ontario by Sunday, a heatwave is expected to persist until the following Thursday — a forecast that is affirmatively summed up by Environment Canada’s own words: “It’s going to be a hot one folks.”


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