Ottawa Shatters Century-old Temperature Record Amid Fall Heat Surge


Ottawa is witnessing history as temperatures hit a new high, breaking a record that had stood for over a century. The compelling story of this expanding heat culminated when the mercury hit 30.6 C at Ottawa Airport. This surge in heat at 4 p.m. comfortably exceeded the previous record of 26.2 C set in 2005. The day’s triumph over the elements was further solidified, as it eclipsed the all-time high temperature for the date, 29.4 C, marked in the annals from 1891 at the Central Experimental Farm.

That wasn’t all. As the swelter rolls into tomorrow, we could witness another record-breaking temperature. The early week’s brilliance will continue on Wednesday, anticipating a high of 30 C which would feel more like 35. The current champion for Oct. 4, a temperature of 27.7 C set in 2005 at the Ottawa Airport, might find itself dethroned.

Despite the looming records, the long-range forecast is taking its cue from seasonal norms. A parade of sun-filled skies will surrender to the arrival of clouds during the latter half of the week. The predicted coolness of 23 C on Thursday and 20 C on Friday complimenting the overcast conditions.

Come Saturday, the temperatures may drop to 14 C along with the possibility of showers, heralding the onset of a cooler climate.

Winter, regardless of the current records, is steadfastly approaching, as confirmed by Trudy Kidd from Environment Canada. She expressed to CTV News Ottawa the imminent dip in temperature headed our way soon on the heels of this roasting spell. Gazing forward to the Thanksgiving weekend, Kidd forecasts, “Right now we’re enjoying sunshine, warm temperatures, but by Saturday, it will be a wake-up call; it will feel crisp and cool, and wet.”

In the present moment, though, Ottawa’s citizens are making the most of the unseasonable warmth. Lyn Galloway gave voice to the city’s residents, saying, “We often did this in the summertime,” as she was kayaking at Nicolls Island, in Manotick. “With the weather being the way it is, we took advantage.”

“Summer was hit and miss, with a lot of storms,” mused Rob, out boating on Tuesday. “It’s nice to have a warm fall after not much of a summer,” he added, highlighting the flip-side of the otherwise chilly, wet summer the city has weathered.


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