Ottawa Magic Mushroom Shop Shut Down After Raids, Two Charged


Ottawa law enforcement officials have reported that two individuals have been charged following the execution of dual warrants on a magic mushrooms storefront in the Centretown area. The operation resulted in confiscation of psilocybin mushrooms and encapsulated substances.

During a routine visit to mediate a landlord-tenant dispute at a commercial establishment near Cooper Street on Bank Street’s 300 block, the officers chanced upon magic mushrooms, edibles, and associated drug equipments.

The Drug and Street Crime Unit promptly acted on the discovery, issuing a search warrant on the store on the very same day. Consequently, the establishment had to shut down operations.

Seized items included $6,000 worth of Canadian currency, packing materials, and a variety of packaged psilocybin products including dried mushrooms, mushroom gummies, and mushroom-infused chocolate bars.

Regardless of the previous interruption and the property owner’s directive to desist from any illegal activities, the store resumed operations in the following week.

This prompted a second raid on the Bank Street store by the officials from the Drug and Street Crime Unit. The search resulted in the seizure of $320 cash along with loose psilocybin mushrooms, packaged dried mushrooms, chocolate bars featuring psilocybin and psilocybin capsules.

Psilocybin, the key ingredient in magic mushrooms, is organised as a Schedule III substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The possession, production, importation, or trafficking of this substance is considered a criminal offense.

The accused, 24-year-old Pavlo Osypenko and 20-year-old MacKenzie Porteous, both resident in Ottawa, have been arraigned to face charges in connection with the crimes.

Staff Sgt. James McGarry, answering to frequent community inquiries and concerns about the proliferation of psilocybin “dispensaries” in the city, assured that the Ottawa Police will adopt a balanced approach of education, deterrence, and enforcement to lawfully address the situation and ensure citizen safety.


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