Ottawa Child Care Centre Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Abuse


The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is set to investigate an allegation of sexual abuse at the city-run Dr. Ernest Couture Child Care Centre, as confirmed by the city of Ottawa. This serious allegation was reported to both the Ottawa Police Service and the city authorities, although additional details have been withheld.

The city expressed clear commitment to fully collaborate with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa regarding this grave matter, underlining its dedication to maintaining the safety of all children within the Centre. All suitable labor relations policies have been upheld and the employee implicated in the allegation was promptly relieved from duty, now being under investigatory leave.

The memo provided no additional information on when the purported incident happened or the number of people implicated.

The general manager of community and social services, Clara Freire, confirmed that both staff and family members had been informed of the situation. In order to extend their support, the city of Ottawa gave them a direct contact link. In addition, the city filed a serious occurrence report with the ministry of education, demonstrating the seriousness with which this matter is being handled.


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