OSC Grant Coinberry the Right to Trade in Crypto Assets in all Canadian Territories and Provinces


Ontario Security Commission (OSC) has granted Coinberry crypto trading platform to operate as the first pure-play in all Canadian territories. The registration of Coinberry allows it to offer crypto-based products and services in a regulated Canadian market.

Commenting on the registration, Coinberry CEO Andrei Poliakov noted that the firm had partnered with DLA Piper to ensure they meet all regulatory requirements. He added that Canadian finally have a safe, trustworthy, and regulated platform to trade crypto assets.

Coinberry is the only crypto trading platform to be granted registration across all Canadian territories and provinces. Poliakov insisted that the firms will continue working with regulators in ensuring that investors are fully protected at the same time permitting innovation to flourish.

Apart from offering security and protection services, Coinberry will offer Canadian innovative products and services in the crypto space. Coinberry is a digital trading platform based in Toronto. Coinberry has also registered as a FINTRAC trading platform.


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