Oro-Medonte Residents Invited to Shape Town’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan


With a vision for the future, the Oro-Medonte Township is now turning to its residents for invaluable input. Council members and staff are diligently working on the strategic plan motioned for 2024-2027, but in this endeavour, they believe the voice of the people must prevail.

Considering a variety of topical subjects, they seek the opinions, views, and ideas of those who call the township home. Showing a clear belief in the value of each resident’s viewpoint, the town’s mayor, Randy Greenlaw, fervently urged each community member to contribute.

Rendering his appeal in a press statement, Greenlaw emphasized, “As residents and business owners, your thoughts and perspective are extremely important. I personally encourage all community members to find a few minutes to complete the strategic plan questionnaire – your feedback is very much appreciated.”

As part of this public consultation initiative, a questionnaire is now accessible to the residents, inviting them to express their opinions about the upcoming years’ priorities. This gives each person the chance to influence the route their region should follow, shaping Oro-Medonte not only for them, but also for the generations to come.


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