Oregonian Wins Record $1.3 Billion Powerball Jackpot at Local Store


April 6th, 2021 marked an exhilarating day for one fortunate Oregonian. The individual had purchased what would end up being the winning ticket for a whopping $1.326 billion Powerball jackpot. By sheer luck, their path had led them to a Plaid Pantry on Columbia Boulevard in Portland, a now-famous convenience store that is set to receive a $100,000 bonus for selling the golden ticket, according to the Oregon Lottery officials.

The name of the future billionaire has yet to be disclosed. The Oregon Lottery iterated in a press release that the security measures and stringent vetting process must first be undertaken before any winner is officially announced. Information available about the ticket holder is currently at a minimum, and may stay as such due to the state’s approach to lottery winner announcements.

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Interestingly, Oregon doesn’t let its Powerball victors cloak themselves in anonymity—except for a few extreme circumstances such as victims of domestic violence—unlike certain other states. Certain facts about the obtained prizes become public records, including the winner’s name, the size of the prize, the date of the lucky draw, the name of the played game, and the location where the anticipated ticket was sold.

The conversation around anonymity in lottery winnings is prevalent, with 18 states in the country allowing their winners to remain unidentified. However, each state comes with its own stipulations and particularities. For instance, in Arizona and Georgia, the prize must be over $100,000 and $250,000 respectively. Other states such as Delaware, Kansas, and Maryland grant anonymity for winning any prize, regardless of its size.

Following this historic win, the Powerball jackpot was reset and now stands at $46 million with a cash value of $21.5 million. The next drawing is slated for Saturday, April 12. The recent numbers drawn on the Wednesday, April 10 lottery were 6, 7, 12, 24, and 36, with the red Powerball displayed as 15, and the Power Play as 2X. Though there were no jackpot victors that day, worthwhile winners emerged in Texas with a Match 5 + Power Play $2 million prize and in New York with a Match 5 $1 million prize.

Lottery enthusiasts can purchase tickets physically at gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores, or virtually through Jackpocket, the official digital lottery courier of the USA Today Network. The app allows players instant access to pick their game and numbers, place their order, and even check their ticket and collect winnings from the comfort of their phone or home computer.

As Powerball starts its journey back to a multi-billion-dollar prize, the city of Portland and the lucky Plaid Pantry on Columbia Boulevard take their place in the history books, injecting a little more excitement into the already thrilling world of lottery.