Oregon Celebrates First Billionaire as Powerball Jackpot Hits Record High


In a momentous turn of events, the State of Oregon woke up to a billionaire in their midst. A single winning Powerball ticket for an astronomical $1.326 billion jackpot found its place in the annals of Oregon history early Sunday morning.

The lucky moment was both a triumph and a surprise as no one from Oregon had ever won such a significant sum. The unparalleled win left the Oregon Lottery Director Mike Wells gleaming with joy. “Congratulations to the winner on this epoch-making moment. This is a first for Oregon, and it has everyone here at the Oregon Lottery caught up in the excitement,” he said in his Sunday press release, brimming with pride for their state’s victory.

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However, the road to this historical moment was not as smooth as expected. An error from one of the states participating in the game compelled the organizers to delay the drawing for several hours. According to earlier plans, the numbers were due to be revealed at 11 p.m. ET on the preceding Saturday, but due to the last-minute hitch relating to “pre-draw procedures”, the Multi-State Lottery Association had no option but to push back the roll.

Persisting through the hiccup, the golden numbers were finally drawn at 2:30 a.m. ET on Sunday. The big reveal showcased the Powerball winning numbers for April 6 – 22, 27, 44, 52, and 69 with a Powerball of 9. The Power Play stood at 3X.

Not the first, but certainly the grandest win for Oregon, the previous Powerball jackpot was bagged by a Salem resident who scooped up $150.4 million in 2018. Before the recent staggering win, the largest fortune ever won in Oregon was in 2005 when an Oregonian clinched $340 million.

The latest Powerball winner, now Oregon’s newest billionaire, has one year to claim the winnings. Amidst intense speculation about the winner’s identity, Oregon laws stipulate that the winner cannot claim the prize anonymously.

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So as Oregon celebrates its newest billionaire, the rest of the nation watches with bated breath, wondering who might be the next lucky millionaire…or maybe even billionaire.